Present Principal's Short Biography


Brother Sylvestor Surin


Brother Sylvestor Surin was born in 16.11.55 in a small village of Kolibers, Simdega, named as BARHKATUNGA. His father Late Joachim Surin was a farmer and mother Late Anna Jaria was a housewife.

After completing his 11th from Lachragarh, Bro. Sylvestor Surin brothers of St. Gaberial Education Society in the year 1975 and started teaching the students of St. Joseph High School, Konbir Noatoli, Gumla. He did his I.A. & B.A. from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. During his college days, Brother Sylvestor Surin, participated in various sports like Polevoter(10'), High Jump, Long Jump and Hockey.

Thereafter, for Nobeciate to Sitagarha and Ichangadu, in Tamilnadu to become brother. After he become brother, he was appointed in St. Aloysius Middle School, Ranchi as a teacher during the period 1980-82. Then he was transferred to St. John's School, Nawatanr and worked there till 1986. Thereafter he went to bangalore for doing B.Th. courese for spirtuality which was completed in the year 1989. Same year he was posted as a teacher in St. John's School, Nawatanr to teach english subject. in the meanwhile he did P.G. in History from Ranchi University.

In the year 1996, he was transferred to St. Joseph's High School, Konbir, Nawatoli as Superior of the house and High School teacher. In the year 2002, he become the headmaster in the same school and hold the same post till June 2007.

Thereafter, on 01.07.2007, he was transferred to St. Aloysius High School, Ranchi as Superior of house and Headmaster.